PSH White Titanium Whitening Shampoo

For White Coats

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PSH Titanium Whitening Shampoo 1lt PSH Titanium Whitening Shampoo 1lt
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Specific shampoo for totally white dogs

PSH White Titanium Shampoo is specifically formulated to whiten white coats. This shampoo should be applied as a second wash shampoo. Because the main active ingredient is in suspension shake before use.

PSH White Titanium shampoo contains Titanium Dioxide, which has a high whitening power that also acts as a physical filter that protects the hair from oxidation caused by pollution and sun exposure. In addition this formula achieves high coat hydration thanks to the 99% pure Aloe and Glycerin.

Variable concentration with a max 1:4
For dogs only
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes

Available in 1Lt & 5Lt
Ready-to-use Home version is available - Home Care Whitening Vibes Shampoo.




Brand PSH - Pets Show Hairdresser
Unit Of Measure ea


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