PSH All Round Kiwi Everyday Shampoo

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PSH All Round Kiwi Shampoo

A high quality, concentrated shampoo that will provide a great clean and a fresh kiwi scent!

For all breeds and coat types it is the ideal "first shampoo" and a must have for groomers as the staple shampoo!

Featuring all the benefits of a PSH shampoo;

*High concentration of active ingredients

*Not harsh on the coat or skin - or your hands!

*Features hypoallergenic fragrances

Main characteristics of PSH line shampoos.
All of PSH‰Ûªs shampoos offer the following properties:
- High active ingredients concentration (Between 50% and 60%) It can be diluted with water up to a 1+3 / 1+4, offering a good foaming power.
- Use of hypoallergenic fruit perfumes.
- Use of soft tensioactive bases, from coconut extract, non-aggressive for your animal‰Ûªs coat. This is also gentle on the professionals‰Ûª hands!
- Coconut trietanolamide thickening in order to prevent coat irritation, even when inappropriate rinsing. Minimum levels of Sodium Chloride compared to regular animal shampoos. This also improves hydration and offers a better feel on the professional‰Ûªs hands.
- Creamy aspect and easily mixable.
- Use of EEC approved preservatives for human use, and latest generation dyes, tested as extremely low allergenic and irritant.
- Products can be easily combined in order to enhance the product‰Ûªs properties, whenever those properties are suitable.


Brand PSH - Pets Show Hairdresser
Shipping Weight 0.4000kg
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