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PSH Black & Grey Coat Shampoo 1L PSH Black & Grey Coat Shampoo 1L
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A special intense black-dark grey/silver (with hints of blue) shampoo specifically formulated to help your pet’s coat regain and increase its tone making it more beautiful, natural and shiny. The high concentration of natural pigments that it contains enhances the colour of the coat, regaining its texture, softness and shine. DOES NOT STAIN. It makes brushing easier due to its antistatic effect. It should not be used on animals with white coats. In these cases, use only the PSH Noroushing Shampoo – Dogs With White Coats unless the area to be treated can be delimited.

Its adjusted Ph, high concentration and quality of its strengthening, conditioning and colouring components, active vegetable and marine ingredients, that are all natural, make this shampoo the perfect tool for the cleaning and conditioning of your pet’s black , dark gray or silver coat. Ph: 7

Its hypoallergenic, gentle, fruity fragrance eliminates bad odors, giving your pet’s coat a pleasant smell.


The PSH Black Enhancer Shampoo can be used directly without diluting for extremely dirty dogs or with damaged hair or diluted as follows: 1 part shampoo to 2 parts water to enhance penetration throughout your pet’s entire coat.

Spread the lather evenly over dog and massage gently. Leave in for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Repeat the process a second time for optimal color, cleanliness and conditioning.


Brand PSH - Pets Show Hairdresser
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