PSH Quinado Texture Vitalising Shampoo

The shampoo for body & texture!

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Quinado Shampoo
Specially indicated for dogs with short, wiry hair. It maintains the original hair texture of your pet. The PSH Quinado shampoo also provides volume and the amazing Peruvian Bark nourishes and revitalises the coat.

Recomended for Terriers, Schnauzers, Boxers etc

Main characteristics of PSH line shampoos.
All of PSH shampoos offer the following properties:
- High active ingredients concentration (Between 50% and 60%) It can be diluted with water up to a 1+3 / 1+4, offering a good foaming power.
- Use of hypoallergenic fruit perfumes.
- Use of soft tensioactive bases, from coconut extract, non-aggressive for your animals coat. Its use favors the professionals
hand dermal care as it helps softening them.
- Coconut trietanolamide thickening in order to prevent coat irritation, even when inappropriate rinsing. Minimum levels
of Sodium Chloride compared to regular animal shampoos. This also improves hydration and offers a better feel on the
professional‰Ûªs hands.
- Creamy aspect and easily miscible.
- Use of EEC approved preservatives for human use, and latest generation dyes, tested as extremely low allergenic and
- Products can be easily combined in order to enhance the product‰Ûªs properties, whenever those properties are suitable.



Brand PSH - Pets Show Hairdresser
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