Petway Anti-Static Detangler

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Petway 1L A/S detangler Petway 1L A/S detangler
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Petway 2.5L A/S detangler Petway 2.5L A/S detangler
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Petway 250ml Anti-Static Detangler Petway 250ml Anti-Static Detangler
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Petway 500ml A/S detangler Petway 500ml A/S detangler
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Petway 5L A/S detangler Petway 5L A/S detangler
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The Petway Anti-Static Detangler


Initially created as a detangler this spray has proven to have many hidden talents!

*De-Knotting, De-Matting, De-Tangling

* Eliminate Static & reduce fly away hair

* Repels dirt, dust

* Speeds up drying time

* De-Moulting ** simply fix 50/50 with the Petway Gentle Protein Shampoo and wash as normal!

* Add to the Hydrobath Rinse water for great deshedding

* A naturally based, plant derived anti-static detangler with conditioning agents.

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L


Brand Petway Petcare

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