Kumfi Dogalter Dog Head Halter


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The ‘DOGALTER’ STOPS PULLING and has been specially designed to make exercising on the lead much easier and safer by leading the dog by the head. The DOGALTER transfers the strength of any dog to the handler by leading the dog by the head (i.e. one would not use a rope or a collar around a determined horses neck to lead it over a field, a halter is used), hence the same with dogs. Therefore the DOGALTER is a major benefit with control and AN AID TO STOP PULLING.

The Kumfi Dogalter has a soft padded nose band and it doesn't inhibit drinking or panting. It calms, controls direction and reduces the strength of your dog, preventing pulling and excitability. It may also be used for many other canine behavioural problems.
Helps control pulling and strong dogs
Calms and controls excitable dogs
Padded nose band for comfort
Fully adjustable fitting
Fitting and training guide enclosed

IMPORTANT. The dog should be introduced to the DOGALTER slowly with it fitted loose. Some dogs at first object but after a few hours of training it should be readily accepted. It should be left on the dog in the owner’s presence for short periods until the dog is accustomed to it. If the dog tries to remove it, the dogs’ attention should be diverted. Modest praise or tit bits can be used to take the dogs attention away from the DOGALTER.

TO STOP PULLING. When the dog is accustomed to wearing the DOGALTER, it can be tightened, but must still be comfortable for the dog. Place your fingers under the jaw of the dog and also behind the back strap – there should be a slight gap. This will ensure the DOGALTER is not too tight and will help the dog to accept it.

FOR SAFETY. When teaching heel-work and/or to stop pulling the lead trigger hook should be attached to the control ring and to the dogs own collar. The dog is then safely secured and cannot pull his head out of the DOGALTER by backing away. There is less strength and resistance from the dog. This also assists in controlling and turning the dogs’ head where necessary.


SIZE GUIDE (measure around the muzzle just below the eyes)
Size    Muzzle    Suggested Breeds only
X-Small    18-23cm    Small Terriers
Small    23-27cm    Westie, Cocker Spaniel, Small Collies, Border Terrier
Medium    26-32cm    Labrador, Large Collie, Boxer, German Shepherd
Large    31-38cm    Rottweiler, Mastiff, Akita
X-Large    36-46cm    Saint Bernard, Great Dane, Leonberger, Douge de Bordeaux

Kumfi Dogalter is designed by George Grayson, a dog trainer for over 50 years and Chairman of the Dog Training Industry Association UK


Brand Kumfi