PSH Titanium Whitening Shampoo

For White Coats

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The new PSH White Titanium Shampoo is specially formulated for the whitening of dogs with delicate and white coats. The intense whitening power of its components helps the coat regain its spectacular whiteness and great shine.

The incorpoation of Titanium Oxide, with its great whitening power, helps your pet’s coat regain its whiteness, maintaining the natural hydration, elasticity, softness and hang of the hair. DOES NOT DEHYDRATE.

It can be mixed with all of the professional PSH shampoos.

Regular use of product enhances the whiteness of the coat, noting a progressive change until a shiny, snowy, white coat is obtained..
Ph. 7.4



PSH WHITE TITANIUM SHAMPOO can be used directly without diluting for extremely dirty dogs or with damaged hair or diluted as follows: 1 part shampoo to 2 parts water to enhance penetration throughout your pet’s entire coat. It can also be used with other professional PSH shampoos to obtain better hydration and conditioning of pet.

Spread the lather evenly over dog in direction of hair-growth and massage gently. Leave in for 3-4 minutes and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Repeat the process a second time for optimal whiteness, cleanliness and conditioning.


Brand PSH - Pets Show Hairdresser
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