PSH Yorkie & Maltese Long Silky Coat Shampoo

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The PSH Hydrating Shampoo for Yorkie and Maltese is specially formulated to obtain extra hydration in breeds with long, silky hair whose coats require extreme care, hydration and conditioning.

Regular use reduces or eliminates the reappearance of mats and enhances smooth hanging and softness of hair.

Its adjusted Ph (7.2), high concentration and quality of its strengthening and conditioning components, active vegetable and marine ingredients, that are all natural, make this shampoo the perfect tool to keep your pet’s hair healthy.

Its hypoallergenic, gentle, fruity fragrance eliminates bad odors, giving your pet’s coat a pleasant smell. Makes brushing easier, reducing hair mats.

The posterior use of the PSH Nourishing or Protein Mask optimizes its results, giving your pet’s coat a soft, hydrated, healthy, shiny look.


The PSH Hydrating Shampoo specially for Yorkie and Maltese can be used directly without diluting for extremely dirty dogs or with damaged hair or diluted as follows: 1 part shampoo to 2 parts water to enhance penetration throughout your pet’s entire coat.

Spread the lather evenly over dog in direction of hair growth and massage gently. Leave in for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Repeat the process a second time for optimal cleanliness and conditioning.


Brand PSH - Pets Show Hairdresser
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